Property of Chris Dorney.

It's 1782 somewhere. 

Madison is tired even if it's 8am in the morning and she just woke up. She has been
feeling like this for over a year: when all her life fell apart.

John serves in the military. He left last January and hasn't written any letter. She misses him
 more than she can del with because he was all she had. Apart from the library

She works at the local library, where she learnt to read when her parents died.
The owner was a close friend of her mum and she took care of her.

It was on that library that she had met John.​​​​​​​
It was a Sunday afternoon. The library had never been so quiet.

She had the very last book on her hands as she had read all the others. She had to start all over again,
sometimes the feelings would get in between everyday life and her mind went numb. It was his favorite book.
That's the only reason she couldn't get to finish it. 

She wondered if John knew she had left it last. If John could imagine how bad was she keeping up.
Then the thought of John not being able to think came across.

Every night. The nightmares. The shivering. The fear.
It started to happen at daylight too.
To prevent her from reading she kept fixing her hair, standing up to see if the doorbell
was working and moving around.

Still book on her hand.

Until suddenly she slipped the corner of a piece of paper due to the movement.
It looked rusty messy.

She picked it up. She looked at it. And she smiled.
It was John's handwriting.

He loved her more than she remembered. 
Maybe she could hope for another year.

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