I've always loved magic. Who hasn't?
Fantasy studies are a series or photographs taken into the countryside
where light pastel colors are the main characters.

We've always wanted to believe; some believe in gods and some believe in souls.
There's no correct or incorrect one,
it should be enough if it helps us cope with life.
Still, everyone should believe in fairies. 

Would it be hurtful if we just accept there are small creatures that bring happiness to our lives?
And happiness is not  feeling exited about every minute of life.
Sometimes it is getting home after a long day to find that your favorite bakery is open.
Sometimes it is just as simple as that.

Because at the end of the day, we survive. 
And what's that if not magic?
"A faerie heart is different
from a human heart.

Human hearts are elastic.
They have room for all sorts
of passionsand they can break
and heal and love again and again"
(Tinkerbell, not so a child's story)
So yes, I do believe in fairy tales if you ask me.

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