As you may already know, I love film.
Film has a unique way of presenting reality. It takes you back to where the story is set, being that the 20th century or a poor neighborhood on the main city. But, how do we represent those societies?
In this case I wanted to replicate the street racer woman who starts every car race in every action movie. This character has always grown from "the streets", girls from a lower class that dress in a very distinctive way. Most times, they are product of sexism because their only purpose is to dress with the less amount of clothes possible, and to dress the male lead.
For this photoshoot, we chose vintage sunglasses, a really short top, red lipstick, a fake golden necklace and really long earrings. Each of those represents a reality: vintage represents the actual low income as for the character it wouldn't be vintage, just what she wears and probably her mum would have worn as well; red is always sexual; the top shows as much as possible to sexualize again; and the golden necklace to make her feel valuable.
The question that I made myself after finishing the session was: is cinema able to change society? Or is it always going to stand behind its stereotypes? What influence do films have on building the mindset of social classes?

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