The love I've put on this SPEC project is amazing. I also took two of the most important people in my life and made them interact on a song that gives me shivers every time I listen to it. I actually have a really deep emotional connection with the lyrics because of the time in my life that it appeared and what happened in between recording it. I hope you can feel as much as I do.
Director: Lara Gómez
DoP and Camera: Lara Gómez
Casting: Fernando Andreu and Elena Luis
Editor: Lara Gómez
Music: Despedida by IZAL
As you can see, there are two music videos.  The main version is called HIM. This is how the music video was brought to life. 
However, on that one there's another video being projected on the wall. That is the HER version; a music video just for the memories that the boy remembers. I personally love both, I hope you do too.

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